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We are looking for exceptionally talented people across a number of technical and non-technical roles.
Interested in joining our startup? Send us an email at

Business development & Sales

Head of Business Development / COO


As COO you will help us plan out and execute the transition from working with early customers to a highly scalable, no-touch, SaaS platform. As part of this role you will be involved in a compre-hensive set of projects across strategy, business process, fund-raising and finance.

Requirements include: startup experience, knowledge of agile & lean, excellent communication skills.

Head of Sales
/ Sales Director

Open Position

As Sales Director you will be responsible for executing our customer acquisition plan. You will work your way from the existing base of customers and prospects to a comprehensive sales process and strategy. You will be also responsible for building and scaling our sales force, however at the very beginning you will work on your own.

Requirements include: experience working in game dev & sales, knowledge of marketing, lean methodology.


Technical Roles

Senior Game
Developer Unity / C#

Open Position

We're looking for exceptional talent with direct experience in gamedev. As a senior game engineer you will work on integrating our technology into a variety of game engines, in different configurations across different hardware and software platforms.

Requirements include: experience working with Unity & C#. Knowledge of graphics, algo-rithms, problem solving skills.

Senior Software
Engineer C# / C++

Open Position

We are also looking to hire software engineers who will work on the backend of our solution. As a Senior Software Engineer you will be working on such topics as integrating and optimizing our modding runtime, data serialization and migration.

Requirements include: experience working C#, experience working with C++. Excellent knowledge of algorithms, problem solving skills.

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Software Engineer

Compiler & Language


Open Position

Our team is always looking to expand ​its expertise in the area of programming language design, compilers, runtimes and runtime performance. If these topics are close to your heart, consider reaching out.

Requirements include: knowledge of C#, experience in programming language design, working with compilers, compiler APIs, building tools for programmers.

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Working at Ready Code.

We're a remote-first startup with a focus on attracting the absolute best talent from all over the world.

It couldn't be any other way - the complexity and sophistication of the technical challenges that we are solving requires it.

We believe in hiring talented generalists that are fast-learners. We love candidates with an in-depth algorithms knowledge, problem solving skills, and above all candidates who are not afraid to tinker and experiment.

Sounds interesting? Send us an email at

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