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Open Position

Senior Game Developer Unity / C#

To apply send us an email at

We are looking for Senior Game Developers who will work with us in our startup to develop a technology to dramatically accelerate game development using hot reloading. Our goal is to enable rapid experimentation on game mechanics starting with early prototypes, up until the finishing touches on the final game product.

By joining the project, you will have an opportunity to solve interesting and challenging engineering problems involving topics such as optimization, data migration, programming language and compiler design. You will be responsible for the design and implementation of key elements of our technology.


Main responsibilities

  • Design and implementation of key features of our hot reloading technology using C# (including unsafe C#).

  • Design and implementation of features related to our visual scripting compiler.

  • Continuing work on integration between our scripting solution and the Unity game engine.

  • Integration of ReadyCode with existing and upcoming game projects.

Additional responsibilities

  • Input into design of programmer / game designer facing APIs.

  • Performance optimization and benchmarking of our runtime in order to meet high performance requirements of our users.

  • Bug-fixing, maintaining good code coverage.


  • 5+ years in game industry,

  • Experience in working on PC / console projects,

  • Excellent knowledge of C#,

  • Experience in working on compiler or code generator projects, or knowledge and experience of Microsoft Roslyn API,

  • Excellent knowledge of the Unity3d engine,

  • Knowledge of the data oriented design paradigm,

  • Understand hardware performance issues such as cache locality, vectorization, multithreading,

  • Knowledge of the C++ language,

  • Good command of the English language (written & spoken).


  • Knowledge of Unreal Engine or game engines other than Unity.

  • Experience in working with the data-oriented design architectures.

  • Experience using language with manual memory management such as Rust, C++, C, etc.

Salary & Benefits

  • A competitive salary and equity package.

  • We support both remote-only and hybrid work (according to the candidate's preference and location).

  • We offer work on an ambitious and exciting project with the potential to absolutely revolutionize the way game development is done.

To apply send us an email at

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