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modding support

to your game with ease.

Bring high-quality, robust, and performant modding support to your games with
the ReadyCode middleware technology.

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Features that will boost your player community.


Rule modding with
visual scripting.

Not every modder needs to be a programmer to succeed. ReadyCode offers rule modding using a well-established non-coder friendly paradigm of visual scripting. Our scripting toolbox has been designed from the ground up and UX-optimized with gamers in mind. Game authors retain creative control over the extent of the in-mod changes.

Investors and partners.


SpeedUp VC is one of the most well-known and most successful Venture Capital funds in Poland. Founded in 2009, it helped jump-start and professionalize the Polish startup scene.


Overwolf is a fast-growing Israeli startup offering mod hosting services as well as game addon creation technology. Overwolf is a co-investor and a strategic partner of ReadyCode with a roster of hundreds of customers.

Investors & Partners
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Youtuber ImKibitz playing a tower defense mod in They Are Billions.

ReadyCode team is currently working with its first customer to bring not yet announced modding support to a strategy game. Since our modding support is still in stealth mode, we will study another moddable strategy game instead: They Are Billions. TAB is not a customer of ReadyCode, however it is a great source of inspiration and a good case study for why you should seriously consider adding modding to your strategy game.

In They Are Billions, modders are able to create entirely new game modes such as the "tower defense" mode demonstrated in the picture. These alternate game modes not only require authoring new maps but also changing game mechanics and affecting unit behavior.

How ReadyCode modding support can be used in strategy games to boost sales.

Ever since UMS in Starcraft: Broodwar, mod​ding in strategy games has been a source of never-ending creativity. New game modes are invented and popularized, sometimes even spun out into entirely new games (DOTA anyone?).

However, adding mod support to strategy games poses a number of challenges. Complex nature of gameplay in strategies puts especially high priority on fast iteration and efficient testing. On the other hand, especially in strategies with a real-time component, performance can be a real headache, especially for scripting.

ReadyCode can be used by game studios as an effective solution to these problems. Creating mod maps, new unit types, new unit behaviors or even alternate enemy AI can all be powered by the ReadyCode technology.


Interactive workflow supplied by ReadyCode by means of hot reloading speeds up mod iteration process tremendously. As an example, mod authors can quickly switch back and forth between making changes to their maps and testing unit behaviors on those maps. All that with complete game state preserved so that complex situations don't have to be meticulously recreated each time. This stands in a stark contrast to external map editing tools where maps typically need to saved, reloaded in order to complete one iteration cycle.

Another area, where ReadyCode brings great improvements is scripting performance. This aspect of modding is one of the key competitive advantages of the ReadyCode technology. RC uses internally a data-oriented architecture that is able to really take advantage of the modern hardware. Cache locality, vectorization and other benefits all play into it.

If you want to find out more about how ReadyCode and modding support in general could benefit your game, reach out to us. We're always interested to hear your thoughts and questions.

Case Studies

Custom UGC weapons, abilities and missions in moddable Action/Shooter 

The Action/Shooter genre has always been a potent area for experimentation with new gameplay mechanics. Any developer who has ever worked on a shooter game knows how many different design and implementation decisions go into making such a game tick. Anything from movement parameters, hit point calculation to regen mechanics has a profound impact on how the game feels.

Origins of such classics as Counter-Strike and Arma prove that gamers are more than happy to invent entirely new game modes and mechanics, even when it requires deep technical knowledge and investing countless hours to make it work.

Shooter game projects can leverage ReadyCode technology to make it easy for players to modify parameters and mechanics of the existing game weapons. We also want to support creating completely new weapons from scratch by allowing gamers to import their own models and animations to integrate into the base game.

Another great area for modding is win conditions and enemy AI. It feels like shooter games have been around forever, yet once in a while we're still surprised by a completely new, fresh spin on game mechanics. Game studios can leverage their communities to organically come up with new ideas using the ReadyCode modding technology. Gamers can visually script different enemy behavior, different scoring systems and win conditions to keep the game fresh for a long time.

If you want to find out more about how ReadyCode and modding support in general could benefit your game, reach out to us. We're always interested to hear your thoughts and questions.


Youtube channel Gamesfromscratch giving modding support in
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries a test drive. 

ReadyCode team is currently working with its first customer to bring not yet announced modding support to a strategy game.

We are excited to sign up customers in the Action/Shooter genre to give our technology a try and see what brilliant ideas modders can come up with.

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Juliusz Kopczewski
Founder & CTO

At ReadyCode I am responsible for product development and tech. I'm passionate about games, especially ones with unique mechanics. 

Before ReadyCode I co-founded a game studio Noobz from Poland. I also worked at Facebook on tasks related to compilers and APIs. 

"I think game modding is one of the most exciting trends in game dev right now and I cannot wait to see what fresh new ideas it will bring!"


I am a software engineer who enjoys building tools that ease the work of other engineers. I graduated from the University of Warsaw, where I deepened my interests in functional programming, compiler construction, and distributed systems. I have earned my C# programming chops in a game dev startup and gained SWE experience as an Amazon intern. Currently, I mainly work in the Big Data field, constructing data pipelines and developing scalable data processing platforms.


I’m soon to graduate with a Master’s degree from Technical University of Denmark, focusing on formal methods and compiler construction. My experience with software development spans from building web scraping pipelines to developing GIS software and working as a full-stack developer.


Now at ReadyCode, I leverage my academic and professional expertise to create cutting-edge technologies for the game dev industry.


Currently Open Positions

We are looking for exceptional talent to help us grow faster. Send us an email at



Head of Growth
/ Partnerships

Open Position

Software Engineers:

> Unity / C#

> Unreal Engine / C++

Open Position

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Allow players to mod your game with powerful visual scripting.

ReadyCode Visual Scripting has been designed and built from the ground up with modders in mind as the main target group. Our solution uses a well-established control flow paradigm with an intuitive drag and drop interface. Mistakes are communicated graphically and without unnecessary technical jargon. We focus on ease-of-use, low barrier of entry, UX optimization to ensure that the players of your game will have the most pleasant experience tinkering with their creations in your game.

ReadyCode technology plays well with existing projects regardless of their underlying implementation architecture. Mods created using ReadyCode are easily maintainable thanks to extensive data-migration capabilities. ReadyCode Visual Scripting interfaces well with the built-in game engine scripting solutions such as C#, UE Blueprints or C++. 

Visual Scripting

Make modding interactive and fun thanks to hot reloading.

Nobody likes to wait for the game to load. ReadyCode modding technology offers a unique hot reloading feature that eliminates waiting from modding workflows. Thanks to hot reloading players can work on their mods interactively without the need to constantly reload the scene just to try out a few actions. Hot reloading applies equally to content changes and scripting changes.

Hot reloading also makes our scripting toolkit beginner-friendly. After all, it is much easier to understand specific scripting constructs when the effects appear on the screen right away.

ReadyCode also simplifies mod maintenance. Introducing changes to built-in game mechanics can be a real pain, when it has a potential to break existing community mods. ReadyCode minimizes this risk by providing a clean separation of data and a robust data migration path. Changes in data representation are automatically detected between versions and appropriate actions taken to maintain game state integrity.

Our solution also offers game developers with an unparalleled creative control over the extent of modding that the community ​is going to engage in. This certainty allows moddable games to easily accommodate DLC publishing schedules.

advanced hot reloading graphic
Hot Reloading
game engine agnostic

Easy integration path for game studios, even post-release.

At ReadyCode we understand how challenging game development can be, especially when deadlines from a publisher are involved. Game studios often don't want to commit upfront to making their games moddable before the first sales numbers are in.

To meet the needs of game studios, ReadyCode offers an easy integration path. ReadyCode can be deployed within an already established code base, regardless of the specific game architecture chosen. Using our technology, modding support can be added to a game even after the release. All that without the need for extensive refactorings.

ReadyCode is performance-centric, so you can be sure that introducing our technology into your game project is not going to create problems for frame times, memory usage and graphics performance.

Easy Late-Stage Integration

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