Meet the team

Juliusz Kopczewski

Founder & CTO

At ReadyCode I am responsible for product development and tech. I'm passionate about games, especially ones with unique mechanics. Before ReadyCode I co-founded a game studio Noobz from Poland. I also worked at Facebook on tasks related to compilers and APIs.

I think game modding is one of the most exciting trends in game dev right now and I cannot wait to see what fresh new ideas it will bring!

Michał Szklarski

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Accomplished leader with an extensive background in PC games and modding since 2001. Renowned for contributing to the modding community through substantive work on titles such as GTA V, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and Trainz series.

Professional experience encompasses digital solutions for prominent brands including Google, CCC,, and Jeronimo Martins. A recognized speaker, engaging audiences at various conferences with insights on the intersection of digital innovation and gaming.

Sylwia Rudnicka

Marketing Manager

Addicted to scrolling through TikTok and playing rage-inducing games instead of relaxing ones. At ReadyCode, I'm responsible for everything related to marketing, including our partners' campaigns and ModsLab creation.

Need something? I'm your point of contact, ready to tackle any questions, ideas, or virtual high-fives you want to throw my way.

Jakub Janaszkiewicz

Compiler Engineer

Having graduated with an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Technical University of Denmark, I bring a solid foundation in compiler construction and low-level programming. My experience in software engineering spans diverse domains, from developing web scraping pipelines to contributing to GIS software and working on full-stack web projects.

At ReadyCode, my primary commitment is to advance our innovative visual scripting solution, but I play an integral role in other critical projects. Always passionate about gaming, I am excited to work on bringing our cutting-edge modding tech to the masses.

Kamil Opalach

Software Engineer

I am a programmer passionate about researching and developing new technologies related to computer graphics and game development. I am pursuing a Ph.D. at Warsaw University of Technology with a focus on 3D geometry processing. My previous professional experience includes co-creating a VR video game and working on 4D processing pipelines and algorithms.

I am glad that working at ReadyCode allows me to use my skills to bring the endless potential of modding to video games.

Karolina Kowalewska

Business Development Manager

I'm Karolina, the latest addition to the ReadyCode team. With over ten years in Business Development, particularly focused on gaming and digital marketing, I'm here to help ReadyCode continue its journey with innovative strategies and a fresh perspective.

When I'm not networking, you'll find me diving into gaming adventures, expressing my creativity through art, and spending quality time with my cat. Fueled by a good coffee and curiosity, I bring a gamer's passion to every interaction.

Jarosław Krawczyszyn

Software Engineer

I'm an experienced programmer blending a passion for game development with a knack for IT solutions. With a keen eye for clean architecture and streamlined code, I've built projects from captivating mobile puzzles to cutting-edge PC/console games. My expertise among others extends to prototyping, optimization and UI implementation. I'm all about teamwork, lending my expertise to create a supportive atmosphere.

Outside of computers domain I enjoy dancing Electro Swing, Shuffle and Popping.

Rafał Romanowicz

Software Engineer

A general purpose autodidact in love with indie development. My experience includes gamedev adventures on PC, consoles and mobile devices with a pinch of porting. From time to time I try to learn some new programming language or a new API, which gives me the satisfaction of exploring new horizons.

ReadyCode gives me opportunity to tinker around with UGC implementation, which is related to my unmeasured interest of game internals and modding capabilities.

Jakub Cereniewicz

QA Tester

I was a Test Specialist, previously a Test Associate in Lionbridge Poland. Moreover, I was working as a QA Analyst in Testronic. I was testing AAA games such as Forza Horizon 5 or Starfield and few mobile games like Wild Rift. I have more than 3 years work experience in game testing and I'm willing for more.

I'm interested in games from being a child and in free time I'd love to play RPG, FPS and RTS games. Video games are my passion and that is why i went into it with work. I hope my road with game testing won't finish fast.

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