Meet the team

Juliusz Kopczewski

Founder & CTO

At ReadyCode I am responsible for product development and tech. I'm passionate about games, especially ones with unique mechanics. Before ReadyCode I co-founded a game studio Noobz from Poland. I also worked at Facebook on tasks related to compilers and APIs.

I think game modding is one of the most exciting trends in game dev right now and I cannot wait to see what fresh new ideas it will bring!

Michał Szklarski

Chief Operating Officer

Accomplished leader with an extensive background in PC games and modding since 2001. Renowned for contributing to the modding community through substantive work on titles such as GTA V, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and Trainz series.

Professional experience encompasses digital solutions for prominent brands including Google, CCC,, and Jeronimo Martins. A recognized speaker, engaging audiences at various conferences with insights on the intersection of digital innovation and gaming.

Iwona Gaura

Chief Growth Officer

I've been in the industry for 10 years mostly in management roles. I've managed both development and publishing teams as a Producer and as a Director of Release and Business Development.

I have high standards for work in management and I care deeply about work ethics. I am always striving to be a better leader myself and to teach younger managers to succeed with their teams and projects.

Bartosz Korczyński

Senior Software Engineer

I studied at the University of Warsaw and my master thesis revolved around recompiling MOS 6502 assembly into Intel x86. I started my software engineer career at a small startup in 2017, then worked at a game dev studio, later I joined Amazon AWS, after that I worked on tooling for an MMORPG server and finally I joined ReadyCode.

I’m mainly (but not only) interested in topics around game development, hence the things we do at Readcode are particularly fascinating.

Andrzej Swatowski

Contributor / Software Engineering

I am a software engineer who enjoys building tools that ease the work of other engineers. I graduated from the University of Warsaw, where I deepened my interests in functional programming, compiler construction, and distributed systems.

I have earned my C# programming chops in a game dev startup and gained SWE experience as an Amazon intern. Currently, I mainly work in the Big Data field, constructing data pipelines and developing scalable data processing platforms.

Jakub Janaszkiewicz

Compiler Engineer

I’m soon to graduate with a Master’s degree from Technical University of Denmark, focusing on formal methods and compiler construction. My experience with software development spans from building web scraping pipelines to developing GIS software and working as a full-stack developer.

Now at ReadyCode, I leverage my academic and professional expertise to create cutting-edge technologies for the game dev industry.

Marcin Tchórzewski

Founder & Strategic Advisor

At ReadyCode I am responsible for fundraising, business development and strategy.

Earlier, I founded the first and biggest programming boot camp in Poland, Coders Lab.  I am also active in the VC & mentoring space.

I am interested in growing businesses, designing and perfecting business models.

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