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BG3 Sex Framework mod is getting a lot of attention on Nexus Mods these days. Ever wonder what drives the creator behind this bold addition to Baldur's Gate 3? In our exclusive interview, we go behind the scenes with the modder, exploring what inspired them, the challenges faced, and what's next for this exciting project. Get ready for a sneak peek into the world of Lune's BG3 Sex Framework – you might be in for a surprise!
Can you share the story behind the creation of Lune's BG3 Sex Framework mod and what motivated you to develop it?

I originally intended just to figure out the process behind adding custom animations to the game. It felt like all the pieces were there, but no one had figured out how to put them together. So after countless hours of staring at LSX files and skeletons in blender, I managed to get it working. From there, the dark urge took over and I started working on the Sex framework in the 2 weeks that I had off work over the Christmas break. I had never really done much programming or scripting before so it took a while to really wrap my head around it, but now it’s become an addiction.I had been big into Skyrim modding over the years (especially the NSFW side) but never developed any mods myself as it felt too daunting as the modding scene was already very well established. BG3 felt like a blank canvas, which is more exciting to me. The adult mods in Skyrim are what kept me coming back to the game year after year, and I wanted to recapture that feeling with BG3.

Collaboration and community feedback are often pivotal in mod development. Could you share any memorable experiences or challenges you've faced while working with others in the modding community, especially regarding the sensitive nature of the content your mod addresses?

The most challenging, yet rewarding part has been the sheer amount of engagement by the community. I’m fairly reclusive IRL, so the sudden influx of expectations felt pretty heavy. As the mod was a passion project I was afraid that the expectations of the community would ruin my enjoyment of it, but after a short while this actually motivated me.One of the other challenges has been learning to code while developing the mod. The original codebase was held together by duct tape, but with the help of Gavrant in the discord, this was improved greatly. But i still don’t know why/how some of it actually works lol.

The modding scene for Baldur's Gate 3 is relatively new. How do you envision the landscape evolving, particularly in terms of the types of mods being created and the boundaries they might push within the game's framework?

I think the modding scene will develop further over the years, especially when Larian released the promised Modding Tools for BG3. Larian have created an amazing game, which is the first step to creating a thriving modding scene. After that it just depends on the motivation of the community to create mods.Even with the modding tools, the main driving force is the community. There is no way that the modding scene for BG3 would be possible without people like Norbyte, Laughing Leader & others. 

Considering the controversial nature of your mod, how do you navigate potential criticisms or controversies that may arise from its content? Are there any specific steps you take to address concerns raised by players or the broader gaming community?

The NSFW modding scene can get fairly ‘deep’, so to speak. There have been many requests for specific inclusions / fetishes etc. but I have a hard drawn line with what I wish to create myself. As the framework progresses, there will be more features open to other modders for integration, in which I have no control over the content other people create. There are some fairly strict limits set in the base framework in terms of available actors, so there’s nothing too controversial in the main mod.

There are some rumors over Reddit about holding hands, hugging, and other SFW animations coming to your mod - are those valid, and when can we expect that?

Getting the base framework up to scratch is my main priority at the moment. As there are still many things I want to polish, such as alignment of actors, facial animations, & bug fixes. This is definitely something on my list though, as the mod originally started out this way (you can see an example on my youtube channel.

Are there any future plans for BG3 Framework development you can share with us?

I have been pretty open with my plans for the framework with my discord server. But the main things I’m working towards are facial animations, alignment of animations, custom sounds, custom dialog and cutscenes. A lot of these things work in isolation with specific actors but incorporating them into a fleshed out system takes a lot of time, especially with all the different races & rigs in the game.The Animation Loader I have developed is also something I’m very much looking forward to releasing. This will allow creators to very easily add their own animations to the game, and framework. It’s a standalone program that allows for the automatic generation of files required by the engine to run an animation.If you wish to follow the development, I have a discord & a patreon which i keep updated.

As we eagerly anticipate the future developments and enhancements to the framework, one thing remains clear: Lune's BG3 Sex Framework has sparked a new wave of possibilities within Baldur's Gate 3, challenging conventions and inviting players to explore the game in ways previously unimagined.We extend our heartfelt thanks to the creator for sharing their insights and experiences with us.
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